Wednesday, December 4, 2013

¨Most Popular¨ Street Art Pic and New Works in Gracia, Barcelona

Thanks to this blog, I have discovered that a lot of people out there are into street art. In honor of all you cool cats, I thought I´d share this cool cat. I don´t know the artist or the origin of the work, but after pinning this photo on Pinterest noticed that it had been repinned more than 40 times. 

If those peeps love it, then I figure you will too. Enjoy and take a minute to check out the work of our local talent too!
A ¨family¨ on an adventure in Gracia, Barcelona, 2013

In hell? CDs? Bridges? Yoda says, ¨Confusing but eye-catching, this image is. ¨
Gracia, Barcelona, 2013

We all need something to smile about.
Gracia, Barcelona, 2013