Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20 Quotes By Cool Women

I was looking for some inspiration today and I came across these quotes online. OK.Wait a minute. THAT is a big, fat lie!

Actually, I was thinking about ways in which to increase traffic on this blog. Let me qualify that statement. I was thinking about REALLY EASY ways to increase traffic on this blog, you know, ways that wouldn´t require much reading, research, IT knowledge, or time.

Yes all. I am trying to circumvent the system, find a shortcut, get all the glory without doing any of the work and that is just unfair, which is probably why this little gambit won´t work - at least as far as increasing blog traffic is concerned. Ironically, it will make me feel as though I´ve done something productive. I mean, who is to say that pinning all of these quotes, via my newly discovered pinterest button, won´t open the floodgates to traffic that neither you or I can control?

Motives aside, the long and the short of it is that I did spend well over an hour collecting content, so I´m going to share it with all of you imaginary, but very lucky readers out there.

The subject? Women. The topic? Puns and words of wisdom for women ... and any man worth their time. Enjoy!!!

And now, here are four originals by yours truly, courtesy of cool website!!!