Who is Local Lisa?

A star by nature, I am possessed of the desires to be world famous and invisible at the same time. For that reason, this blog makes perfect sense.

In terms of subject matter, this blog will mostly be about Barcelona and the little, often overlooked things that make this city great. Occassionally it will also be about a certain expat´s attempts to adjust to life here, with descriptions of the successes and failures encountered along the way.

Q and A

How long have you been living in Barcelona?
Since August of 2011

Where are you from originally?
Chicago, IL

Do you have sisters or brothers?
Yes. 1 sister and 3 brothers. I am the middle child (a.k.a., the perfectly adjusted child)

What makes you laugh?
Fish out of water situations
Looks that could kill on the faces of children
Really serious situations (sorry, it´s true. I guess this is a neurotic defense mechanism)

If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?
An orca whale

Who are your personal heroes?
My mom and dad
Mike Feinberg

What are your favorite books?
The Hobbit
The Awakening
Flat Belly Diet

What always lifts your spirits?
Biking along the beach

What do you most love about Barcelona?
The architecture, the street art and the way of life.