Friday, January 3, 2014

Bubble Masters in Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona Are Favorites with Kids

Woah! It´s Unbelievable!

Street entertainers work the crowd of kids in Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
The bubble masters in Plaza Catalunya are fun to watch. They work smack dab in the city center which is great for parents who happen to be out with their kids. Like moths to a flame, children are drawn to bubbles, and these bubbles are anything but ordinary. Huge, floating forms that shimmer, twist and swell in the sun, they are serpentine rainbows that pop suddenly and fall to the ground in big, soapy drops.

Why do they pop? Well as you can see, that all depends on where the wind blows and who gets there first!

¨What are these YAHOOS doing?¨
Woah! Wait a minute. That´s REALLY cool!!
¨We´re just getting closer for a better view. 
HONESTLY, we promise not to touch!¨