Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Kill Your Pug

So ... I was in Parc de la Ciutadella again today and I saw a man trying to kill his dog. At least, I think he was trying to kill his dog, but there was no way to be sure short of asking him directly, which I was hesitant to do.

Don´t get me wrong. It wasn´t gruesome or anything. There was no animal abuse involved, at least in any overt way.

It´s just that this man was running with a pug. Yes, running, at a brisk pace I might add. His darling, wrinkled, and dare I say, GASPING best friend was trailing along behind him in sort of a sideways lurch. Maybe this was just his dog´s way. Maybe it´s how most pugs run. I don´t know as I don´t know much about dogs, and I´ll readily admit to knowing next to nothing about pugs.

Exercise ... Yay!!!!

That said, I have noticed that most pugs struggle to breath while walking, and some even struggle to breath while standing still. Exercise is well and good, and this young, fit guy appeared to be a poster boy for healthy living. I just couldn´t help wondering if there should be different exercise protocols for him and his wheezing, four-legged friend.

They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Here´s what I know about pugs. They have small, stuffed snouts; tongues that are too big for their mouths; and a tendency to overheat. Call me crazy, but had this man´s dog been able to speak to him directly, I´m quite sure it would have choked out two choice words along the lines of, ¨Screw you!¨ 

Again, I´m not a dog expert or anything, but you tell me ... isn´t running with a pug just a tad irresponsible?

Stop it, man. You´re killing me.